Thursday, 26 January 2017

2017 Is My Year!!

Well, this year has been super so far!! Started my own cleaning work doing retirement apartments, planned to quit 2 out of three of my jobs and already left one!
So have got back on my exercise bike again... my tum is starting to get too much and with all my healthier eating regime, why not burn off more?!

Done 5km for 16mins burned 40cals

First time in a long time am happy to be back on it!  So three times a week I will try to be on my bike for 15-30mins. Seems fair! Lol

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Started Biking - Again

Have started biking again. I know, won't be for long! This time though, I took it steady.

Done 5km 2 weeks a go. Then 10km few days after that. Then mid last week I did 10km from wed/thur til sat everyday. And 15km on Sunday. This morning, I noticed that my pooch area of my tum feels softer and looks smaller too. Almost like it is moving up my body! Basically it's leaving me! Lol 

Despite weighing in today at 63.8kg which is heavier than before, it could well be muscle from all this exercising I am doing! Hoping...!!

Positivity Prevails!!

Oh my days look at that!!! And can see the benefits too!! Just keeping up with my workouts and eating better truly helps. 
I know, But it's Valentines Day!! Well for your info it is also my bday so it is doubly special day! And I am still going to enjoy my healthy lifestyle during this special time! Might have a small piece of choc or a piece of cake after dinner tonight... But will be more than eager to work it off for sure! 

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Have noticed this week that my stomach is feeling smaller as well as looking slimmer and my trousers are starting to fall feel looser even on a tighter buckle in my belt! And so I weighed myself this morning after work.

I am well stoked that by changing my habits to have more fruit and veg, not changing much as regards to a diet, just making sure I have more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff. Woohoo!!!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Light As A Feather!!

Have been good last week since using this Lark App that I felt lighter and look thinner than before.. As many women experience, they put weight on their chest. And it can get uncomfortable! And for me, it is the first and last place I gain and lose weight. So if they feel heavy or light, I can tell without jumping on. The scales. But just want to show you this! 

From Tues til Sat, I have lost .3kg! Just having more fruit for snacks and lunch/breakfast also Veg at dinner. And my chest feels light too so I can tell it is starting to have a positive effect!

But as you may not have guessed, I only do my working routine and nothing more. So if I was to get back in my bike again, chances are it would fall off!! Right now I am happy making this a positive habit before I commit fully to a workout routine. Small steps!

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